Ciné Salé 2017 – Contest - Regulation


The international film festival Ciné Salé is an annual film and culture festival linked to the theme of the sea and more widely to all cultural events - literature, photography, painting, drawing, performing arts. This theme is considered in a broad sense, embracing the sea and sailors, but also ports, pirates, submarines, fishing, sailing, diving, the beach, sharks and water in general, including rivers, barges and anything that floats or swims ! 

It is organized by the association Ciné Salé, based in Paris (33 rue Saint Ambroise, 75011), with the support of the city of Le Havre, the Normandy region, the department of Seine Maritime, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Haropa Port of Le Havre and other public and private partners.
Ciné Salé is organized around several key points (a “carte blanche” to a guest of honour, guest country, tribute to a great director, thematic of the year etc.) and organizes an open competition for films - documentaries and fiction - respecting the theme of festival.

Article 1. Festival dates

The next Ciné Salé international film festival, organized by the Association Ciné Salé, will take place in Le Havre from Wednesday October 18th to Sunday October 22th .

Article 2. Conditions for participation in the competition

The Board of Ciné Salé chooses and invites the films selected under the responsibility of the General Delegate. Unless otherwise only films that meet the following criteria can be selected and presented :

  • Apply the principle of the Festival as defined in the preamble.
  • Have been produced after January 1st 2016.
  • Feature length films - fiction, documentaries, animation, experimental films – can be entered.
  • Commercials and corporate will not be accepted.

Article 3. Registration

The registration form is to be filled in on the website .. Its validation signifies an agreement with the rules of the competition.

The deadline for registration and reception of the films submitted for selection on DVD, Blu Ray, or web link is August 15th 2017.
The mention "no commercial value, for cultural use only" must appear on the package for DVD or Blu Ray shipped from overseas by mail to the following address :
Ciné Salé • 33, rue Saint Ambroise • 75011 Paris • France
If the DVD or Blu Ray is sent through a messaging system (EMS, DHL, UPS ..), the declared value should be less than € 15 or US $ 15 ; customs or other taxes will be paid by the sender (to be mentioned on the packing slip).
The film can also be sent via an Internet link to the following address :

DVD or Blu Ray movies that have not been selected will be returned only at the request of the signatory at registration. If this is not requested, DVD or Blu Ray film will be destroyed within 30 days after the end of the Festival.

Article 4. Selecting Items

The selected films can be analog or digital :

  • For the pellicule, 35mm optical format is ok
  • For the digital support, DCP Format is ok

Article 5. Selected Films - Obligations
the following items must be forwarded to the Festival before August 31th 2017 :

  • Stills from the film or photos of the shoot (300 DPI)
    photo of the director(s) (300 DPI)
    the film poster (300 DPI)
  • The original dialogues and, if necessary, their translation into French or English
    Extracts of less than 3 minutes for promotion with media

Articles 6. Shipment of screening copies of selected films

Copies of the selected films, subtitled in French, must be received by September 15th 2017 in one of the formats as defined in Article 4.

  • The DCP will be sent directly to the address of the Festival by registered mail or courier system.
  • 35mm films will reach the forwarding agent accredited by the Festival :
    • Valérie Celerin • Transphil Express • 77 rue de Roissy • 93290 Tremblay in France
    Tel : +33 (0) 677 377 531 • Email :

Article 7. Juries and prizes

Two juries award a prize each. A professional jury composed of French and foreign celebrities, a youth jury of high school students or students. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Decisions are taken by absolute majority of votes in the first three rounds and a relative majority in the next round. The President and the General Delegate of the Festival may attend jury deliberations. They do not take part in the vote. Anyone who has participated in the production of a film in competition cannot be part of the jury.

Each jury must award a prize.
The professional jury will award the prize "Golden Wave 2017", worth 1500,00 €
The young jury will award the prize "New Wave 2017", worth 500,00 €
No tie-breaker is possible.
Each film selected to be presented at the Festival competition will receive a commemorative certificate.

Article 8. Transport and Insurance

The costs of transport and insurance of the films from their place of origin to the offices of the Festival in Paris, there and back, are covered by their owner.
The Festival supports storage costs and insurance copies of the films selected in the official venues of the Festival in Paris and Le Havre and during transport between the two cities there and back.
In case of loss or damage of a copy, the Festival’s responsibility could only be engaged to the extent of the value indicated on the registration form corresponding only with the value of the film presented.

Article 9. Promotion and distribution

Participants authorize Ciné Salé to use free of charge data and photographs provided during registration and / or a film clip (3 minutes maximum) for festival promotion material (catalogue, flyers, websites, social networks, trailer) as well as TV channels or websites as part of news reports about the festival, broadcasts or interviews, or for festival or promotional ads for the " festival film" to be directed by Ciné Salé to report the event.
Participants agree that their films are subject to additional screenings, maximum 2 or 3, if the festival is extended.

Article 10. Commitment and contestation

The President of Ciné Salé has the power to settle all cases not provided for in these regulations. In case of dispute, the French version of the regulations will prevail.
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these regulations. It applies to the 2017 edition of the festival which will take place in Le Havre from Wednesday October 18th to Sunday 22th, 2017.

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