Why Ciné Salé ?

Fire and water, ice, wind, marine flora and fauna, ocean depths, the vastness of oceans, the men and women who sail them, who live, who are lost, who fight and who love on them them, beneath the moon or stormy skies –all this is the stuff of Ciné Salé.

Ciné Salé is an annual film and culture festival linked to the theme of the sea. This theme is considered in a broad sense, embracing the sea and sailors, but also ports, pirates, submarines, fishing, sailing, diving, the beach, sharks and water in general, including rivers, barges and anything that floats or swims !

It is a festival geared towards the general public with both fiction and documentaries, some recent, some fished out of the treasure trove of our film heritage.

After the first year of the festival, it will feature a competition. An professional jury will award the ‘Vague d’Or’ (Golden Wave), and a young jury will award the ’Nouvelle Vague’ (New Wave).

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